Virginia Presseault

"Mother Load" (HUMOUR/CHICK LIT), $11.99

eBook:, $5.99

Meet Ginny, a career woman with three dogs, two cats, a bag of crazy patients, a mystery to solve, and oh yeah, not to mention an overbearing Macedonian mother. It’s safe to say her load is pretty full. Mother Load takes you on a ride from the start. Clear your schedule because you won’t want to put this book down. Get ready to laugh out loud at the journey of this modern-day woman.

"Our Willingness to Invite Change: An Unconventional Approach to Coaching Through Example, Reflection and Storytelling" (SELF-HELP/MOTIVATIONAL) ​, $17.99

Learning to cope and deal with her own depression Virginia sought out various healing ways during her journey to feel whole again. While seeking and exploring the “unconventional” she gained numerous insights and was inspired to become a Life and Wellness Coach to assist others in pursuing and realizing their goals. This book is steeped in techniques motivated by her own life experiences and also includes stories as a way to capture the imagination and bring awareness through storytelling.


Chick Lit Central (2016)

The York Guardian (2016)

The Lizy T Show (2016)