TORONTO, Ontario June 1, 2016 – “Our Willingness to Invite Change: Through Example, Reflection and Storytelling” is Virginia’s first coaching book and was inspired by both her coaching and her love of storytelling.

In a world inundated with so many coaching and self-help books, Virginia took a different approach with her book. Combining her love of storytelling with her coaching, her book features practical tips as well as short stories! Some whimsical and other humorous, there is sure to be something in there for everyone. Learning to cope and deal with her own depression Virginia sought out various healing ways during her journey to feel whole again and has shared those insights in her book as well. Released in May 2016, her book is available on Amazon and InspiredToActionCoaching.com. Named the April 2016 Canadian Small Business Woman of the Month, Virginia is showing no signs of slowing down.

About the Author
Virginia Presseault is a Life and Wellness Coach with her own private practice. She has been enthusiastically coaching people for years and helping them access and live the truest aspects of their lives. She incorporates her studies of Health and Wellness into her work. She is a passionate storyteller and published author.