TORONTO, Ontario June 1, 2016 - This past May, Life Coach Virginia Presseault recently released two books, “Mother Load” and “Our Willingness to Invite Change: Through Example, Reflection and Storytelling.”

“Mother Load” is a second edition, which was originally printed as “Two Misfits: My Mother and Me”. It’s a humorous, murder mystery and romance novel rolled into one. The book has already received positive reviews, including that of Lisa Day from, and reviews like the following:

“Mother Load” is a humorous book [and] has a mystery to draw you in, as the plot thickens and romance evolves, Ginny's insights into family, and the human condition, makes for a funny, rich and luxurious read. “Mother Load” is a real page-turner, one of those books you hope does not end. Thank you Virginia Presseault, I love the way you write, the way you tell a story. – Cynthia V. L. Canada

“Mother Load” is currently available on Amazon and

About the Author
Virginia Presseault has long held the belief that laughter gives the heart a much needed respite from the bravery it takes to wake up and face the complexities of an uncertain world. She is an avid reader, writer, and humorist; most of her life has been spent in observation of the eccentricities of the human experience. Her imagination has also inspired her to write a children’s book and take on those infamous critics; children.