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Somewhere in the Middle, Tina Ware, 2018


Somewhere in the Middle is a great read for women to show them what is acceptable and what isn’t when it comes to a relationship and how important it is for them to trust their instincts and understand that people don’t change despite promises of the contrary.

Lisa Day, Book Time Blog – Read the full review here.

Antilogy, Madette Mendoza, 2017

This powerful collection of written work is not only inspiring but it's groundbreakingly real. Antilogy is the literary version of a mirror; it reflects the mental and emotional issues we all face on a daily basis with such rawness. Mendoza truly captures the human spirit in so many beautiful words. Her personal anecdotes–testimonies of her bravery–were undoubtedly uplifting. I highly recommend this book to all of the broken souls who feel lost; you'll find clarity, hope, and inspiration, while reading this book.

Esther T. (@thediaryofagodess)

Mother Load, Virginia Presseault, 2016

Mother Load takes you on a humorous, murder mystery journey with the loveable Ginny. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it to those interested in a lighthearted fun read.

A. Leung Canada

I loved this book, Mother Load! I just finished reading it and I couldn't put it down! It's a super fun and very clever and engaging. I was thoroughly entertained.

Jennifer Y. Canada

Mother Load, is a humorous book [and] has a mystery to draw you in, as the plot thickens and romance evolves, Ginny's insights into family, and the human condition, makes for a funny, rich and luxurious read. Mother Load is a real page-turner, one of those books you hope does not end. Thank you Virginia Presseault, I love the way you write, the way you tell a story.

Cynthia V. L. Canada

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Ladders to Climb: My Journey with Turner Syndrome, Jackie Matej, 2016

Jackie’s story is a very familiar one; it is our story. The idea of having ladders to climb is so poignant, as it is both metaphorical and literal. Yes, we have challenges to overcome, and yes, we are short! She expresses the trials and tribulations of living with Turner syndrome in a very candid and heartwarming manner. Overall a delightful read.

Sarah Oostrom Toronto Chapter President, Turner Syndrome Society of Canada

As a woman with Turner syndrome, it was a pleasure to read about the many ladders Jackie has successfully climbed during her journey. This narrative gives an honest and optimistic account of what it is like to live through challenges, such as infertility. Jackie’s story would give perspective to anyone trying to overcome adversity.

Krista Kamstra-Cooper RN, BScN, MN, CRN (C) Past President, Turner Syndrome Society of Canada

Love Jackie's book, it's very easy to read, fun, and had emotional parts. She did go through a lot, but I'm so impressed that she overcame all of her obstacles. I love that her and her family are so close and they helped her with her illness.
Love and highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know what Turner Syndrome is. It was informative and greatly researched.
Lizy T, The Lizy T Show