"Antilogy" (POETRY, INSPIRATIONAL) http://www.instagram.com/antilogymovement, $19.95

Antilogy is a movement that takes the enemy’s curses and turns them into blessings. In my life, it sprouted into healthy, creative outlets, such as music, lyrics, poetry, memoirs, stage performances, as well as, motivation, new perspectives, valuable lessons, a deeper appreciation for my loved ones, a foundational relationship with God, and a resilience to trust Him in any circumstance. When I reflect on how my journey has unfolded, I realize that all the adversities were of profound signicance in my transformation, and that life really is worth living.

Everything in this book is birthed from the ery darts of the enemy: fear, discouragement, anxiety, depression, spiritual warfare, perfectionism, anger, misconceptions of solitude and singleness, temptation, envy, manic depression, self-detriment, and suppression.

We can utilize these setbacks as catalysts that:

• make us stronger
• help us discover ourselves
• boost our faith in God’s guidance and unconditional love

May this book empower you and inspire you to begin your own #AntilogyMovement, and help you to build the resilience to take on anything that comes your way as you trust in God’s brilliant plan for your life, and His purpose. 

Madette Mendoza